Glitter, luxurious embellishments, pastel nuances and shiny finishes blend perfectly to express the world of the AGL woman and its most profound essence that is all about playfulness, ambition and creativity, but also contrasts,  androgynous vibes and unconventionality. Vinyl pencil skirts that emphasize bold femininity are worn with oversized coats that make every woman feel protected and at ease. Everything is enveloped in a pink aura, the color of femininity par excellence. Consistent with the background, the footwear is characterized by antithetical styles and united by harmonious, graceful touches: from the patent leather loafer with decidedly eccentric mohair wool ornament to the extravagant cow-printed haircalf leather bootie with glitter heel and the cool and versatile terracotta biker boot with zipper on the front. The QUEEN bootie made of two-tone lacquer-effect leather is an emblem of the dualism inherit in the female universe. These creations skillfully reflect the myriad facets of women through the creativity of the Giusti sisters and the skill of AGL workshops.