"We always reflect in detail on the world of fashion as a mirror onto modern life and as a point of departure for every collection. We put ourselves in the shoes of those who consciously use fashion, who live it, and who interpret it in a personal and contemporary way.
The current trend in fashion is heavily weighted towards the casual end. Clothes and shoes are covered in sporty motifs that make them easy to wear and mix and match with other items. In particular, feminine fashion is delving further and further into the world of sport, not just for aesthetic and health reasons but also as a battlefield where women can challenge themselves and assert their own personality.
These are trends that influence and guide our everyday lives, that are reflected in our work, and that prompted us to develop a sporty capsule that forms an integral part of the spring/summer collection.
Personally, We love matching gym clothes with bon ton and prêt à couture elements to create an overall atmosphere that's as minimal as it is whimsical.
So our aim is always the same: to play around with style!"