The continuous research and innovation of AGL laboratories and the evolution of Italian artisan excellence are fueled by the playfulness found in the Giusti sisters' designs.

Playing and experimenting, which are an important part of our life from childhood, allow us to explore, discover and become more familiar with the world. Likewise, fashion is the result of the joyous, enterprising vitality of designers who want to personalize it, not simply follow trends. They therefore study, experiment and play with new shapes, new combinations, and new occasions for use.

This is exactly what the Giusti sisters have done. Reinterpreting iconic styles like the classic lace-up shoe, the Chelsea boot or the rain boot, they have transformed them into contemporary objects with avant-garde allure through an alteration of traditional aesthetic rules in a hyperbole of creativity and playfulness.
An oversized natural rubber sole with a graphic design that is ultra-light to ensure maximum comfort and patent leather in contrasting pop colors are the leitmotif of this series of extravagant footwear, where style and functionality are at the service of creativity.