Say "red" and it's immediately party time! The dynamism of this vibrant, joyous shade warms the heart and puts everyone in a good mood. The Giusti sisters know this quite well, choosing it as the main nuance of a limited edition series dedicated to the holidays that's full of verve and brilliance. The sleek, elegant styles are illuminated by shiny calf leather and feature velvet trim, a luxurious material with a typical holiday look. The maximum expression of this mood is the MY BOW sabot and slipper, the main shoes of this series characterized by a vaguely retro design and embellished with an oversized velvet bow, a signature touch of Sara, Vera and Marianna that gives these AGL creations a strong symbolism. The bow, a symbol of femininity, is an expression of the connection between sisters and the pleasure of feeling close. This meaning reveals autobiographical notes: the relationship between the Giusti sisters is a strong and ancestral bond that has led them over the years to run the family business together and transmit the value of their heritage through their creations made in Italy.