Created in partnership with musician and photographer Bryan Adams, the new 2018 spring/summer ad campaign #AGLshoestrilogy celebrates women in all their glory. The images pay homage to a beguiling minimalism, designed for women who are well aware of the riches hidden in their personality, their culture and their thoughts. In the foreground we encounter a woman, an unabashed and unusual beauty whose work and success have been forged over time with steadfastness and determination.

 Actress, producer of independent films, player of multi-layered characters and originator of career choices that are unique but never insignificant. Maggie Gyllenhaal, an artiste equally at ease in hot and irreverent roles who has carved her own niche playing women never underwhelming in their complexity. She is the Giusti sisters’ muse because she is the consummate personification of the contradictions that make up every woman. Strong yet fragile, flirty yet proud, pristine yet dark. With amazing simplicity, Maggie is the epitome of sophistication, motion and the avant-garde – the three core values shared by the sisters and the brand. The idea of a triptych is also echoed in the pictures, with the number three reflecting three products that embody the 2018 spring/summer collection: the FLUID mule, the SOUTACHE ballet flat and the TATTOO sandal – all of them minimalist, cutting-edge models that praise a love of craftsmanship understood as the knowledgeable choice of materials and the creation of simple geometric shapes, with a perfect fit and bearing unique details. In their collection, the Giusti sisters find expression for the trilogy of feminine feeling, where tradition forms the basis for evolution and style, unique and multifaceted, is resolutely created by women, for women.