Paris Jackson for AGL


The contemporary appeal of Paris Jackson and the photographic poetry of Paolo Roversi.

A winning tag team confirmed for the Autumn/Winter 2020/21 ad campaign, where modernity and classicism come together, creating a dance of contrasts between shadowy areas and points of light, sensual looks and strong, confident expressions, feminine softness and androgynous resolve.

The AGL creations, with their balanced mix of manufacturing tradition and stylistic modernity, the result of research and experimentation and the transformation of high-quality materials into refined products, are accomplices in this role play.

It is no coincidence that the choice has fallen on four facets of the brand's DNA: with its sporty, cool mood, the DROMODECOR boot epitomizes athleisure; DRESSY CRAFT embodies that feminine spirit with a punk soul dear to the Giusti sisters, who aim in equal measure for a distinctly feminine style, which can be traced in KITTEN TEX, the urban Texan with harmonious lines, and in ELLIPSE BOOT, the boot with the new elliptical heel.

All of this has been portrayed through the magnetism of Paris, whose every nuance Paolo Roversi has captured with his dreamlike vision in black and white.