Sara, Vera and Marianna are the third generation running the family business.

With eclectic artistic and managerial skills, they have now successfully completed the reshaping of AGL image through a rebranding project to mark the beginning of a new era for the brand.

To achieve this goal, they chose one of the most important creative agencies: Meirè und Meirè, who has designed the new AGL visual identity: a new modern graphic logo and a delicate white packaging with hint of powder pink to underline sophisticated femininity.


Rebranding is the result of a process carried out with care and constancy by the Giusti sisters in recent years through bold and forward-thinking commercial, communication and stylistic choices, united by the goal of getting the brand out of its comfort zone in the market and elevating its reputation, quality and appeal to the same level of the great players in the fashion world.

Sara, Vera and Marianna have therefore left their mark on the history of the family business and are giving it a new, more sophisticated, feminine and minimalist look that is an expression of our modern age.

The goal of the Giusti sisters is to increase brand awareness through the diffusion of an image, a visual identity, that reflects the actual company's DNA and that is consistent and univocal to achieve a high level of brand recognition in the eyes of customers in stores around the world.


The new logo tells a story about an evolution. The parts that compose it are associated with a time, a place, and a family. It expresses a strong identity built over the years through the transition between the three generations that have been at the helm of the company.

Today, Sara, Vera and Marianna have decided to give a more modern look to the current acronym, opting for subtle, elegant, minimalist lines.


The modernity of the new font, which represents innovation and is a clear declaration of intent regarding the design, communication and commercial choices towards which the brand is heading, is completed in the phrase "Est. 1958 - Italy", which highlights the Italian manufacturing excellence that is at the base of every AGL creation and is still a strength and source of pride for the company. The principle is always the same: innovation is the offspring of tradition.


Three adjectives fully describe the new AGL identity: sophisticated, contemporary and feminine. Each can be traced back to a well-defined semantic field in which we find the distinctive traits of the brand.

Sophistication recalls the elegance, delicacy and minimalism that make each creation an object of luxury. Contemporaneity, in turn, imposes a light, essential style purified of all dystonic artifice. Femininity is the driving force and ultimate goal: it is that combination of traits, shapes and colors that describe the essence of a woman. This leads to a desire to insert pastel hues, veering towards nude beige or transparent textures and shiny materials, which are sensuous elements and sources of light.  


To express this universe, Sara, Vera and Marianna have developed a new visual kit that includes the packaging, which has been renewed in design and color, and new props created to customize every space dedicated to the brand: from showrooms to in-store shops and boutiques.

In line with the evolution of the brand, the look of the packaging has also been completely revolutionized, where the quality of the materials and an attention to detail convey the fundamental concept of contemporary luxury.

The balance between masculine and feminine, which exists in every AGL creation, is also found in the design: the androgynous-inspired severity of clean, sleek lines contrasts with refined and elegant details such as the choice of nude beige for the lining of the box (Pantone 9244), which is distinctly feminine in character.

The white box with printed logo has logo tissue paper inside that is the same color as the lining and also a logo-printed bag made of organic cotton that is divided into two sections to keep the shoes separated.