Minimalist design, mix of original and refined materials, bright details. These are the characteristics of the models designed by AGL for brides, a variety of styles for a contemporary woman, free to feel like herself on her special day.

The Giusti sisters like to imagine her as an eclectic and multifaceted woman, a woman deeply aware of her personality and perfectly connected to the most intrinsic part of her soul.


The AGL bride is passionate, instinctive, and authentic: she isn’t restrained by convention and lives by the rules dictated by her deepest self.

Hence the desire to wear something that truly represents her on her wedding day: a mule with a mirror heel, a ballet flat, or a flat sandal with a maxi bow, all the way through to a leather biker boot with transparent micro mesh, or the more feminine mid-heel sandal.

Models that satisfy the tastes of every woman, to remind us that beauty lives in diversity.