AGL’s Italian manufacturing excellence and the exquisite creativity of the Giusti sisters emerge in the fiercest article of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection worn by charismatic Maggie Gyllenhaal in the advertising campaign shot by Bryan Adams.

The calf leather sandal skillfully blends androgynous inspiration and feminine elegance. Its futuristic minimalist design – halfway between a sandal and lace-up shoe – is embellished with crisscrossed grosgrain ribbons tied in a soft bow. The leather sole is decorated with large gold-tone studs and a black leather tubular welt hand-braided with multicolored raffia and leather laces.

Sara, Vera and Marianna Giusti are honored to have Maggie, their new muse, interpret the sandal with her sophisticated femininity.


The AGL Fall Winter 2016/17 advertising campaign has the distinguished presence of Bryan Adams behind the lens and famous actress Maggie Gyllenhaal as the new face of the brand.

The Giusti Sisters have committed the interpretation of the new collection to these two personalities full of energy and expressiveness strength.

Vera Giusti, AGL’s Creative Director is so glad to reveal “a new image of the brand expressing elegance and refined luxury through the aesthetic sensibility of Bryan Adams and the intense femininity of Maggie Gyllenhaal, a self confident woman able to show all her inner and outer beauty.”


Romantic and sophisticated. This is the way the Giusti sisters have imagined the Spring/Summer 2016 Advertising Campaign, entrusted to the fashion photographer Tom Munro.

In her fifth season as the testimonial of AGL, Dakota Fanning starred with a fresh look revealing her romantic and dreamy expressiveness together with her determination, typical of a young self-confident woman.

“Dakota convinced us once again with her fresh and delicate stage presence, she is capable of showing all the different facets of her femininity”. Sara, Vera and Marianna so commented on the two images where Dakota gives her interpretation of the cult pieces from the collection: mirror effect brogue with a special floral rice paper covering the sole and the lace-up sandal decorated with hand-applied flowers and pearls.

Suffused lighting and soft colors helped Dakota in staging the beauty of the AGL creations, a perfect fusion between traditional Made in Italy craftsmanship and the contemporary attitude of the Giusti Sisters.


The Giusti sisters are pleased to announce Dakota Fanning as the face of AGL, for her fourth season with the Italian shoe brand. Vera, Marianna and Sara Giusti chose black and white images and wide range of different materials to highlight the unexpected combinations of the Fall/Winter 2015-16 Collection: boyish styles with a feminine taste, minimal shapes and bold details, strong assertion of the brand identity.

The advertising campaign images were shot by the fashion and portrait photographer Rankin. He brought out a fresh, delicate and fascinating side of Dakota. Vera, Marianna and Sara Giusti comment: ‘Dakota is showing us season by season her personal growth as a woman and as an actress. We like the way she connects with the AGL spirit and we love the energy that Rankin has been able to create with her’. The campaign images highlight the most refined pieces from the fall 2015 collection, a manifesto of the essence of AGL: Made in Italy craftsmanship and family heritage, combined with the contemporary sensibility of the three Giusti sisters.


The most surprising piece in the Spring Summer collection, brought to us by the Giusti sisters, is undoubtedly the lace brogue.  A masterful example of craftsmanship and traditional techniques, the finely worked lace is applied to metallic suede for a surprisingly feminine result.  Giving the shoe a boyish twist is the addition of a chunky-looking maxi sole made of cork and natural leather.

The unusual combination of Italian traditional materials such as cork, leather and lace make the LACE BROGUE super cool, modern and edgy.  A must-have for Spring Summer 2015 that not even young actress Dakota Fanning can do without.

Lace also adds a delicate, graceful touch to the loafer worn by the actress, the Giusti Sisters’ muse, for the S/S 2015 advertising campaign, shot by Theo Wenner.


“Dakota is our muse. She has inspired this easy-to-wear collection full of personality.”

The shoe models change, but the style is one. All goes perfectly with jeans and a T-shirt, or peeps surprisingly from under an evening dress.
In fact “day and night” is the concept of the brand’s fall-winter 2014-15 campaign. AGL commissioned photographer Kacper Kasprzyk to take the colour snapshot in New York. His lens neatly captures the very DNA of the Giusti sisters’ exclusive style. Dakota herself treads a fine line between apparent contradictions: youthfulness and professionalism, simplicity and sophistication, perfection and humanity. Her ambivalence is enriching. And the Giusti sisters breathe that same enriching ambivalence into their creations: masculine and feminine combined, androgynous and ultra-feminine, elegant and casual.


The three Giusti sisters have a new muse: Dakota Fanning will lend her looks to their spring/summer 2014 advertising, in an exclusive shot with photographer David Slijper.

She has guts and the will to succeed, all of which make her attractive and special. Her gestures – elegant and refined – complement her modern, youthful appearance to mirror a femininity of rare grace. Dakota is a source of creative inspiration to Sara, Vera and Marianna, who explain: “she takes us back to basics, where we naturally belong. Dakota encapsulates the contemporary spirit of the AGL brand and its features: minimalist aesthetics, compatibility with urban life and a sense of couture.’’





The Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection is marked by boldness, novelty and experimentation.

This grit and vital force is also expressed in the ad campaign photos, once again created by master Paolo

Roversi and an energetic Stella who unleased her tougher, rock ‘n’ roll side. Black ambient space lit by color hallucinations made by artist Roversi who painted the image with colored lights, led only by his creative impulse.

The Giusti sisters courageously wanted to convey the change that AGL in undergoing. As it grows, the brand wants to express fully its decisive and original personality, with the support and creativity of two fashion world icons like Paolo and Stella.


Stella Tennant poses again for AGL.

Top model and mother of four, Stella has been brought back for the third season as the representative for the AGL brand for her seriousness and class, as well as for her super contemporary way of being a woman.

Her allure, the result of a perfect mix of nobility, composure and class along with a punk spirit, fully represents the brand.

The Spring Summer 2013 campaign brings back the style of Paolo Roversi, simply a poet of images, who by discovering small details reveals the feminine ideal of AGL.

The styles chosen for the campaign, from the brogue to the moccasin, from the ballerina shoe to the sandal, are shown in white, a symbol of purity, which exalts the creativity of Made in Italy manufacturing.


Stella Tennant is the face of Attilio Giusti Leombruni winter collection.

The sepia images were taken by photographer Paolo Roversi, known worldwide for his work with the most important female figures. His images are ethereal and exquisitely beautiful. Roversi emphasizes the intense vulnerability of his subjects. By using natural window light with a long film exposure in his portraits, he manipulates light to bring out life.

Minimalism inspired the AGL winter campaign. In combining the refinement of a bygone era with a hint of androgyny, the campaign remains characteristic of AGL style and complements Stella Tennant and her boyish silhouette that has made her famous.


“Stella is really cool, authentic and an original beauty. She wears her 40 years with supreme elegance  and speaks  of her four children with pride. That’s why we’ve chosen her as spokeswoman for our Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign: in addition to being one of the most famous models of all time, she is a real woman.” So says Vera Giusti, Creative and Brand Director at Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

Stella Tennant is the face of next summer for the Italian label, the first time that her image has been used for a footwear-only brand.
The black and white shots were taken by Wayne Maser, known worldwide for having photographed the most important faces of the last 30 years.